Roots K9 Training

Welcome to Roots K9 Training! We are located in Southwest Florida – the beautiful sunshine state!  Roots K9 Training is more than just dog training – its a way of life.  We train you to be calm in any situation and to be confident in your decisions. We want you to live and interact with your dog in a more natural, instinctual and primal way.  Let’s go back to our Roots; aka back to basics!  We believe in exercise and using our leadership skills everyday – 365 days a year, 24/7.  Every single day your dog needs training!  It should not be a chore spending structured time with dog, but rather something you enjoy and bond over.  Let’s be honest, dogs can be a lot of responsibility.  There is little to no education on how to handle a dog and this is absolutely the reason dogs are being surrendered to shelters.  Millions of dogs are euthanized  each year in the United States alone.  Many people call themselves dog lovers; but are they actually doing what is best for the animal?  In most cases, unfortunately,  they are not.  Often times dog lovers just love to pet dogs.  This would be great if we had a society that could understand that the state of mind a dog is in when we pet them will be the behavior that we are reinforcing.  Example, if a dog is in the shelter and you can see the dog is in a fearful state, consoling the dog is only telling it “Yes!, Keep doing what your doing”, which will most likely lead to destructive behaviors in the home when the dog is adopted.  If the family does not know how to deal with this or seek help the dog will eventually be surrendered.  To me it seems there is a lack of good information on how to handle dogs and their behavior issues.  If they start off in a shelter where there is no real training and unwanted behaviors go unaddressed we are setting them up for failure because what they practice on a daily basis is what they know.  They are limited to their life experiences.  By the time the owner adopts, the dog will need training just to be able to live in day to day life and not be anxious, fearful or aggressive.  In my opinion the only way to fix the mess we have created with our canine companions is through education.  At Roots K9 Training we teach you to recognize dog body language and address unwanted behaviors.  You can contact me via this site on the contact page.  Check out all of our social media platforms – YouTube, Twitter & Facebook.  There will be all kinds of dog training tips as well as educational and instructional videos that can benefit you and your dog so you can start training your dog today.